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Financial Aid Application:

FACTS Toll Free Calls: (US & Canada) 1-866-441-4637​

FACTS International Callers: 1-402-466-1063

Welcome to Boarding Schools, Ivy League and Oxbridge!


Mission Statement

At Boarding Schools, Ivy League and Oxbridge, our mission is to provide exceptional admission consulting to brilliant students of all backgrounds seeking entry to the best boarding schools and prestigious colleges and universities in the United States such Private and Public Ivy League and other notable historic higher education institutions, including Military Academies, as well as boarding schools and elite colleges and universities in the UK such as Oxbridge,  and other Russell Group Colleges and Universities. 

All clients applying for the Prudence of our Platinum Consulting (Academic Success Coaching) and or Tutoring Services must:

(1) Complete the General Inquiry Form on the Contact Page. (Part One of the Application)

(2) Complete the Giving Back Form on the Contact Page. (Part Two of the Application)

(3) Complete the Application for Financial Aid Assistance (Part Three of the Application) via

Direct ALL Questions Regarding the Application for Financial Aid to FACTS Phone: 1-866-441-4637 or 1-402-466-1063

Payments for Platinum Consulting and Tutoring is made directly to FACTS. 

Why You Should Choose Boarding Schools, Ivy League and Oxbridge

What sets us apart is the fact that we are the only Education Consultancy in the World Operating like a School, offering Financial Aid assistance / fee remission / fee reduction to Clients who qualify. Our Admissions Process is “need-blind," the ability to pay fees is not a criteria to receive Services from our Consultancy beyond the electronic document fee which includes client choice of an E-Document – Admissions to USA Boarding Schools and Ivy League, or E-Document – Admissions to UK Boarding Schools and Oxbridge.

We are primarily interested in Wider Access to Elite Prestigious Boarding Schools in the US and UK and Switzerland, Ivy League and Oxbridge for Bright and Gifted Students, and in the ability of prospective applicants to excel at Boarding Schools, Ivy League and Oxbridge Colleges and Universities, as well as other Elite and Prestigious Educational Institutions in the US and UK. 

We evaluate the Financial need for All Applicants from the US, UK, and from Countries around the World, applying for Tutoring Services, and our Platinum Consulting Services - to Boarding Schools in the US and UK and Switzerland, as well as those applying for Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions to Colleges and Universities in the US and UK via FACTS 

All Clients who are Accepted for Platinum Services or Tutoring Services and Qualify for Financial Aid, Receives Assistance Regardless of National Origin.

Clients who do not qualify to receive Financial Aid assistance make all payments on the Services Page via

The E-Documents, Additional Services, and Merchandise must be purchased on the Services Page via 

*Important Notice:  

Payment for Platinum Consulting and or Tutoring, are made only after you have received communication from Boarding Schools, Ivy League and Oxbridge that you are accepted as a Client, and is assigned to a Platinum Consultant or Tutor. 

We look forward to helping you with the selective admissions process to boarding schools, Ivy League and Oxbridge.


We encourage those interested in a career with us to apply.

*Admissions Recruiter 

*Academic Success Coaches

*Contract Referral Recruiters

*Education Consultants

*Online Tutors for Students 5-13 Years

All applicants seeking employment with us must have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree from an * Ivy League or other prestigious university in the USA, Oxbridge or other elite Russell Group University in the UK, or have experience in * highly selective admissions. 

We look forward to reviewing your credentials. Send your CV to  

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